a better way to ride.

Rapid is a ride-sharing and logistics platform that allows you the freedom to request a pickup directly from your smartphone.

Request. Drive. Arrive.

Every 6 seconds a pickup request is sent to Rapid.
Every 14.5 seconds a Rapid rider account is created.

Built for Everyone

Rapid makes it very easy for you to move about. Just open the Rapid app and enter where you want to go and hit request.

Seamless Payments

All payments are handled within the Rapid system. You can even tip your driver in the app.

No Surge Pricing

No Surge Pricing

Rapid is Surge Free. You see the fares upfront and know exactly what it will cost in advance.

Ratings and Drivers

Ratings and Drivers

Everyone has a rating. This provides you with knowledge on who your driver is. Remember too your driver rates you as well.

rapid is dependable


Rapid is built to handle lots of rides every minute. More importantly you know when your driver will arrive.

24/7 support

Unbeatable Support

A support team that always has your back.



An interface with navigation that feels like second nature.

Quality Features

Quality Features

Rapid makes your life easier. Ease of use and quick shortcuts allows Rapid to be fast.

Fast Response

Request in Seconds. Arrive in Minutes

With Rapid you can make a request in seconds. In just a few minutes your driver will arrive and you are on your way. Simple.