Rapid launches the FOCUS ad platform

New Service shows Ads directly to ride share users

San Diego, CA – Rapid Inc. announces the launch of its new ad platform, Focus. Focus allows companies of all sizes and types to market directly to Rapid users within our ridesharing and delivery platform.

“By building an ad platform into our existing ride share and delivery system we can better manage the users experience as well as provide the detailed data that marketers are looking for.” said Branding Manager, Vince DiNatale. Focus provides geo targeted ads based on pickup or drop off locations, vehicle types, frequency of rides, and time of day or distance; automatically with no input from drivers needed. This gives businesses the ability to focus on specific customers if they choose or they can reach all Rapid users.

Ads are presented on the user’s mobile device while en-route as well as post trip on payment receipts.

Examples of the types of reach-points include:

  • Restaurants can target users who are heading for a night out.
  • Clubs can target customers as they get close to downtown.
  • Beverage Companies can show branding while users are heading to a club or event.
  • Tourist Attractions can target people getting off a flight.
  • Retailers can market to people getting off work.

    For more information contact:
    Vince DiNatale – Branding Manager
    phone: 760.888.6426 |