updated app and hardware released

San Diego, CA – Rapid Inc. announces the update of its restaurant ordering app and integrated delivery platform.

RAPID has released the updated hungr app and is available on both the Android and iOS platforms for the entire US.

Restaurants pay a monthly fee of $30.00 per month and 7% of the order total or they can choose a no monthly fee option and pay just 12%
Rapid has launched the ToGo Gateway for mobile delivery with integration of hungr.
About hungr (consumers):

  • hungr is a mobile ordering and delivery app that allows customers to place orders from their smart phone or computer to their favorite restaurants restaurants.
  • By allowing restaurants to gain another revenue stream with the lowest operational costs they can increase their profits and bottom line and grow their user base.
  • Hungr uses the vast RAPID network of on-demand drivers.
  • Payments are sent directly to the restaurant on a weekly basis.
  • Users pay the regular menu price and a small delivery fee.
  • Users can tip the driver directly in the app.

    About ToGo Gateway (restaurants):
  • Restaurants receive the order through the on-site ToGo Gateway. This hardware interface allows them to receive the order and print directly to a kitchen printer bypassing the need for human interaction. They can also continue to schedule deliveries from the ToGo application for phone or on-site orders.
  • The ToGo Gateway requires a ethernet network connection with internet.
  • Setup of the device is provided at no additional cost.

    Quotes (for restaurants): “The launch of the ToGo Gateway expands our platform to offer more convenience to our users. We have made it simple for restaurants to receive orders without needing extra manpower which helps increase sales and overall reach to customers who may otherwise not have purchased.” Vince DeNatalie, Branding Manager

    Quotes (for consumers): “The new updated HUNGR app expands our platform to offer more convenience to our users in the work place or home.” Vince DeNatalie, Branding Manager

    Restaurants can signup at and request the ToGo Gateway at

    If you would like more information about HUNGR or the RAPID platform, please contact Aaron Mortensen at 760.888.6425 or email at